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Community Testimonials




community testimonials

The people who frequent Presence Studio create our community. You are heartily welcomed to engage and find your own place, space, and voice within our creative and ever-evolving community!


anni kamola

"I learned about conscious dance through a Fairhaven College course, Embodied Awareness. That day, our guest teacher, Jenny Macke, posed two questions which continue to inform my life: What if, instead of getting from Point A to Point B in a straight line, we allowed ourselves to follow a creative, unpredictable pathway? and What if, when we fell down and hurt ourselves (physically and metaphorically), we allowed ourselves to take a moment to grieve? As we danced and followed our body's impulses, I remember thinking, "I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing--and this is all I want to do!" Now, over a decade later, I am still dancing. Dance has become my spiritual devotion. Through conscious dance I am able to connect my body and spirit to the greater Divine. Equally valuable, however, are the people with whom I dance. I have cultivated my best friendships from connections made on the dance floor. I once felt incredibly isolated, however in the past ten years I have found Home within my body, within this community, and on every dance floor upon which I step."


Dara Burrows

"Jenny is a catalyst for change. She is relentless in her teaching, and her passion for inquiry inspires me to take courageous steps toward the unknown. I have learned to breathe, to let go, to allow vulnerability, and, essentially, to inhabit my body on the floor of Presence Studio. My conscious dance practice has become profoundly integral to my life journey, nurturing connection to my authentic self, to others, and to spirit."

Mattew Fogarty

"I don’t know who I would be if it were not for the patient wooden floor of Presence Studio meeting my feet, hands, pelvis, head, and back. Dance by dance, class by class, year by year, life era by life era I find this space of wonder and truth to be a kind of temple where I wiggle, jump, cry, spin, collide, gallop, and grace my way into the inhabitance of my own being. The community of dancers, movers, and artists consciously create a secure space where each person can lean a little more into who they actually are. We can remember our wildness and our softness, our playfulness, and our deep shine. I see Presence Studio as a constantly emerging gift to Life."

Katie McEvoy

"Before I started coming to Presence Studio I was pretty lonely and isolated in many ways. Through Open Floor classes and workshops, I learn to connect with others and express myself more and more fully. I have found a great sense of connection and community at Presence Studio. Jenny Macke has given me a gentle and safe place to move old pain and suffering through and out of my body. I have found a life long practice through conscious movement and Open Floor that continues to teach me to accept myself and where I'm at more fully."


Semilla Sanchez

"Dance saved my life. I had been seeking a way to move my body in ways that weren't confined with steps to memorize or within the confines of the club scene. Conscious dance is a practice that helps me get out of my head, get curious, and express myself in ways that both heal and help me to live more authentically and embodied--on and off the floor--with whatever life throws at me. Dance is my teacher, my lover, my best friend, and soulful engagement with what is...from moment to moment. Presence Studio is an amazing space celebrating community in a myriad of ways. It is my home away from home and the place where my heart flies free. I have made some of my closest friends here and I am honored to be a part of the crew that helps Jenny and the studio to create a sacred space for people to move. Whether you're a seasoned dancer or new, dance is sacred art and the floor is always open. Namaste.