Presence Studio





Presence Studio is being rented!    Email Lisa: to inquire about possible available times and opportunities


about presence studio: a sanctuary, a flexible space

With just over 2,000 square feet of open space, Presence Studio is a flexible space for a variety of classes, workshops, and events. A state-of-the-art sound system fills the room with equally balanced music. The 100-year old maple sprung dance floor was recently renovated to a silky finish. The walls are painted in rich, soulful colors, and wooden benches ring the room, providing both elegance and a place to pause. With ten 12-foot tall windows, the studio is bathed in natural light no matter the weather. One wall is fully mirrored, and can be covered if preferred. The studio has chairs available for use, and can seat up to 80+ people in a variety of setups. Additional benefits include a reception foyer, an intimate waiting lounge, and two full bathrooms. Presence showcases rotating installations, art exhibits, and fresh flowers. Please see the gallery for more photos.

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PRICES and information

Ongoing classes (weekly/monthly) $25/hour

Special events under 4 hours $35/hour ($30 with membership)

Half day rental fee (4 hours) $125

Full day rental fee (8 hours) $250

Partial weekend rental $375 (Fri 3 hrs & Sat 8 hrs)

Full workshop weekend $500 (Fri 3 hrs, Sat 8 hrs, Sun 5 hrs)

Stereo fee $100 (onetime fee nonrefundable)

Deposit $100 (refundable)

$30-50 crew fee for events that need Presence staff support

$20/hour cleaning fee for any clean up that doesn’t get done after an event/class to be subtracted from your deposit.

Rentals include 30 min before the event and 30 minutes after the event for set up and clean up. Additional time for set up or clean up will be charged using our hourly studio rate.
Presence Studio annual membership fee $40 and includes perks that will be added to this list soon! Ongoing classes (weekly/monthly) $25/hour

 Please note: Studio schedule changes regularly; for information about future openings, please inquire at