Presence Studio

Financial Support and Memberhship

Financial Contribution

A Trusted Friend

Presence Studio holds space for you, just the way you are, like a dear friend. Our beloved studio welcomes you with open arms, unconditionally, whatever your state of being, moment to moment, breath to breath. Presence Studio and its team, joyfully serves and lovingly co-creates, with its teachers, conscious dance and movement classes, workshops, playful gatherings and special events to enrich your life.

A Valuable Contribution
How often do you hear about helping make the world a better place, about being a good citizen, about doing the right thing? What if contributing positively to the world isn’t about good and right? What the real benefit comes from being a contribution, because it fulfills us deeply and personally? There is a strong human desire to contribute, to make a difference, no matter how small.

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Your contribution as a Friend of Presence Studio helps us continue to:
• build community through dance and movement events
• play together and celebrating being alive
• provide a safe haven for learning and exploration of the uncomfortable and stuck places
• host special events and gatherings
• sustain Presence through seasonal ups and downs of prosperity

Please give today, knowing how much it is appreciated, no matter how small or large.

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