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The Studio

Presence Studio is dedicated to the practice of conscious embodiment and personal expression. Located in the heart of Bellingham, Washington, the studio opened its doors in 2008. Beautiful windows face east letting in lots of light, and the sprung maple dance floor is over 100 years old. There is lots of art throughout the space. The studio is run by Jenny Macke and a group of space tenders. Classes, workshops, and events are offered to facilitate the cultivation greater connection to body, mind, heart and soul.


Space tenders

Community and collaboration are at the heart of Presence Studio. We are grateful for the many people who help keep the studio open and vibrant.

Fresh flowers - bringing the beauty of the natural world into our dance space.

Fresh flowers - bringing the beauty of the natural world into our dance space.

KelseyMaloney, Open Floor teacher, plays music for a warm-up.

KelseyMaloney, Open Floor teacher, plays music for a warm-up.

Crew members routinely clean the studio and cultivate space for fresh flowers and art.

Crew members routinely clean the studio and cultivate space for fresh flowers and art.


jenny macke, studio owner & open floor teacher

Photo Credit: Scotty Lewis

Photo Credit: Scotty Lewis


Jenny Macke founded Presence Studio in 2008 as a home for conscious and embodied dance in Bellingham, WA. She is a certified Open Floor teacher, and also serves on OF's Curriculum Circle. Prior teaching experiences and trainings include nine years as a 5Rhythms® teacher, many years as a Nia instructor, a Masters in Leadership Education, and more. 

Also a Licensed Massage Therapist and Bodyworker, Jenny believes that the work she does with her hands is meant to help people remember their inherent wholeness, and the deep wholeness of the collective. (See for more information.) Jenny is a wild and wily dancer, inspired by the landscapes of her home in the Pacific Northwest. She is a mother, artist, dreamer, lover, and she honors all peoples' worthy pathways to coming home through soul and body.

Jenny teaches the Sunday Morning - Open Floor Community Dance and the Thursday Night - Open Floor Deep Practice, plus a wide variety of workshops and ongoing groups in Bellingham and throughout the United States. 


Other Teachers at the studio


kelsey maloney, open floor teacher 

Kelsey Maloney is a certified Open Floor Movement Teacher as of 2017. She has over ten years of teaching experience, including a bicycle touring theater (Otesha Project, Australia), working at environmental education centers, and currently at an outdoor preschool. Along with her teaching comes a decade of integrating writing, art, and play into personal and professional life, and she recently self-published a book. Kelsey teaches Monday Night Open Floor classes and occasionally subs for Sunday and Thursday Open Floor classes.

Keith Doran, African Drumming

Inspired by his grandfather, George E. Monahan, Keith started drumming at age 7 in his garage– his first snare drum was a bag of grass seed, with a fertilizer spreader for a cymbal. Thirty years later Keith continues his passion for drumming as a local Jazz musician and teacher of West African drums. Keith has been a dedicated student of West African music for the past 16 years. His primary teachers are Sayon Camara, Moussa Traoré, Famoudou Konaté, and Bolakada Condé. Keith looks forward to sharing the joy and freedom evoked by these rich, exciting polyrhythms.

Stephen Harvey (Wonder), Contact Improv

Wonder started learning hip hop at the age of 9, and later sports (particularly wrestling) helped him to understand sharing weight, lifting, momentum, and flow. Between 2000-2011, he was a self-taught improvisational mover, and he continues to grow through Contact Improvisation (CI) and other forms of social dance and other movement modalities. Wonder has taught fusion partner dance and CI for years, and is moving toward understanding his craft as healing movement. Wonder believes that when we slow down and focus on breath, we can bring  ourselves into the present moment and allow ourselves to enter a state of rest and recovery. Through dance, Wonder focuses on sharing the qualities of love, healing, and connection.



Thich Nhat Hanh says that "Community is the next Buddha." We believe it takes showing up and being present to be part of a community. That's it. We all have gifts and ways to contribute, and we welcome each individual as they find their place and space in a moving community. We welcome people of all races, religions, orientations, and diverse backgrounds who are interested in being more embodied and present, and who are dedicated to learning how to create more space within themselves for the basic goodness for self and other. We love our home community of Bellingham dancers, and we also enjoy hosting workshops that draw people from all over the country and world.